The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Driving along in my automobile...

We left Rincón on Sunday morning and took a drive along the coast. We were planning on stopping at a beach, I believe in Aguadilla, and took the scenic route to get there. Here's a picture we captured on our way...

We finally arrived at our destination, a lovely beach called Crashboat. No, we didn't see any boats crashed however we did almost get hit by a few jetskis. Joy, Katie, & I were swimming along and you can see the jetskis going by. They drive along looking for people who want a ride, etc. Well, when they don't have any takers they just leave their jetskis floating in the water. You had to pay attention to where you were going so you didn't run into an abandoned jetski. We thought about taking one but we're good girls so we didn't! Here's a picture of Joy at Crashboat!

We did have Miss Lola along with us for the weekend. Since Courtney & Brent apparently aren't waterboys they stayed on the shore with her. She really was a good little girl for the trip...until the Corona came out!

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