The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Friday, September 29, 2006

Big brave dog...

Well, draining Miller's ear from the fluid filled sack didn't work. He ended up having to have it drained twice and the vet said it would continue to fill. So he had surgery today to sew up the sack inside his ear. Poor guy! It really wasn't the best day. The vet told Courtney he'd be there by 7:30 today so I switched some Spanish times around in case I would be late and took him to the vet. Good thing I did because the vet showed up at 7:55. When we got in the vet couldn't find Miller's record. He did however know what he would be doing to him. Good thing! I signed the consent form for the anesthesia and left. First I went home to feed Winston (Miller had to be cut off at 7:00 last night so Winston was too!) and lock up the house good & tight because there have apparently been 3 burglaries in our neighborhood this week. Oh yeah, real comforting! Winston was LOST without Miller...looking for him everywhere, crying, following me around. I went to school and had my prep period. Got done with prep and was going down our spiral staircase from the lounge, lost my footing and fell down the stairs. I know, just call me Grace! Anyway, the rest of the day went without any issues and then Courtney picked up Miller. Poor dog...the vet doesn't believe in the cone collars which is good because Miller can slip one (trust me, he has before). He tried to leave the ear alone without bandaging but every time M shakes his head the stitches would bleed. Did I mention he shaved Miller's entire ear?! So they bandaged it, Miller shook, the bandage came off and he bled again. They ended up having to bandage his ear and then bandage the ear to his head! When Courtney pulled up with him it looked like they had taken his ear! He's really struggling with it because it's uncomfortable. He's still shaking, scratching at it, you name he's doing it! Anyway, I just had to tell you about our big brave one-ear dog.

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joyous said...

Poor puppy! Take lots of pictures, though, because he looks funny!

You get the Grace thing from me, by the way. I've fallen down the stairs how many times? 12?