The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Punta Tuna...sounds delightful!

We drove on down the road to a little town called Arroyo (where we bought our hammock) and found a beach. We decided while we were there that we would go back this coming Saturday with the dogs because it was pretty secluded. We were happy with that idea but decided to drive a little farther to find the mysterious Punta Tuna. If you recall from a previous post, we tried to find this beach on Courtney's birthday but couldn't. Well...we found it my friends! I don't know what Frommer was smokin' when he said it was miles of white sand beaches because...well, it's not....but it is pretty nice. We drove even farther and found an open space and a small road to the beach. We are now going back there on Saturday with the dogs, beach chairs, our friends (the Dill's and our neighbor Clayt), and the coolers. We're pretty excited! Here are some shots of where we'll be this Saturday...come on down and go with us!

More crabs! This time they were hanging out inside some rocks.

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