The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Well, we took Joy to the airport yesterday after her weekend here. It went by way too fast! I hope she had a good time! We took lots of pictures of our adventures to share. First, we got Joy at the airport at 11:00 Saturday morning. Our Friday night was spent rather restless because we were worried that Ernesto was going to mess up Joy's flight. Luckily it didn't and she arrived on time. There is a really neat bridge that you have to take to get to the airport in San Juan. The entire bridge is lined with Puerto Rican and American flags side by side. Also, the bridge takes you over the water because the airport is on the part of the island that juts into the ocean. We left from San Juan and drove about 2 hours to Rincón and found our hotel. We met the Dill's and went straight to a local beach.

Courtney & Brent neither one wanted to go into the water so it was left up to us girls to hop in. We did just that and found the temperature was perfect! We stayed in the water for at least an hour straight. Okay, so we came up on shore a few times to get drinks and I personally was pretending to be a mermaid. I thought it was very lovely hubby began calling me a "mertard"...I believe that's a retarded mermaid, what do you think? Here are the girls in the water.

After the beach we met up with Lisa & Harry at the hotel, washed off all the sand (you get pretty sandy being a mermaid!) and went to dinner. We drove to a restaurant called El Coche where we were ready for a wonderful meal...that took 3 HOURS to get! Of course there has to be some drama on vacation, right? We got our meals finally and they were all wonderful...except for Joy's steak. It was a bit overcooked...way overcooked. I almost forgot about our other drama! When we were driving to our destination Saturday afternoon our air conditioner in our Rodeo died!! Ya gotta love driving through Puerto Rico in the middle of the afternoon with no AC...we smelled GREAT!

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