The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

Katie & I had a great time swimming in the Caribbean Sea. We were amazed at how far out in the water we could get and still be touching. We wanted pictures taken of us but our husbands aren't big into taking pictures. They did, however, videotape us out in the water so you'll have to come see us at Christmas when we're home to catch the footage. Brent spent most of the day trying to collect coconuts. The boys came up with many techniques for getting the coconuts out of the trees which are everywhere! Here are some of their techniques: hit the coconut with another branch; stand on the cooler and shake the tree; try to climb the tree; and, my favorite, throw the football at the coconut. At the end of the day Brent was successful and brought home 4 coconuts. Here's a picture of our triumphant coconut hunter.

Courtney spent quite a bit of his day on the phone with people. He wanted to talk to people back home from the beach so they could hear the waves.

I just thought this was a cool picture of the Dills trying to take a picture of themselves.

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