The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Friday, March 23, 2012

5/30 Random Facts About Me

What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

*Wow - who came up with these questions?  It would probably be easier to list 5 things that make a person unhappy, wouldn't it?!*

1. Cael Ryan Marsh - need I say more?  This little dude gets under my skin & can drive me absolutely insane but he makes me sooo happy!  He really is a great kid even with all the crap he does.  He is very in tune with other people's feelings.  He is emotional for his age, too.  When he sees that someone has a "boo-boo" he wants to kiss it to make it all better.  If he thinks he has upset someone he apologizes.  I adore this freaking kid!!!

2. Courtney Ryan Marsh - most of the time!  He does the same as Cael as far as getting under my skin & driving me absolutely insane.  We're working through our issues right now & things are going okay.  I know that we will be good.  He made me happiest when he made me a mommy.

3. My family - all of the crazy people in my family.  I have many people in this crazy family & all of them make me "super happy!"  (Thanks Kai-Lan!)

4. Soda with cherry in it!  I LOVE Sonic Cherry Dr. Pepper.  Any soda with cherry will do. 

5. Spring weather.  I love when it's warm but not too hot or too cold.  When you can go outside with a light jacket or sweatshirt & be perfectly comfortable.  The weather we've been having this week, not so much.  I'm done with rain for now!

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