The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cael & Mommy's date night!

Cael & I got invited to go to Disney on Ice while Daddy was gone so we took advantage & had a date night!  We went to mom & dad's Saturday morning & spent the day with them.  Mom & Dad treated me to a much needed massage while mom was getting her hair done.  I have been very stressed lately & the lady doing the massage kept commenting on the amount of tension in my back.  Yep.  Pretty tense.  I think I may have to start treating myself to a massage once a month or so....just sayin'.  My massage was supposed to have been over at 4:00 so I could leave mom & dad's at 4:30 to meet Ashley & Noah for dinner at 5:00.  Well, my massage didn't start until 4:00!  We made it to dinner just a few minutes late but they were really fast.  We went to Fritz's at Crown Center which was just down the street from the Sprint Center.  Cael actually ate this time!!  Last time we went he played video poker & refused to eat....any questions about who his daddy is?!  Here are some pictures we took at the beginning of our date night!

From Fritz's we drove to the Sprint Center to see the show.  It was CRAZY driving over there!  We parked in a side parking lot so we wouldn't have to fight as much traffic after the show....and it was cheaper.  We parked & walked right in to find our seats.  We stopped to get a souvenir and there was nothing that got me too excited!  Cael has a stuffed Mickey & didn't need another one.  All I wanted for him were ears!!!  So I found a program that came with a crown with ears so we bought that.  Then we found our seats & the cotton candy man came by.  Cael wanted some of that.....and guess what it came with??  Ears!  So then mommy & Cael had ears to wear!  Very exciting!  Then we decided we should get a drink before it started.  Okay.  Drinks.  The choices were beer, soda, snow cones or Hawaiian Punch.  Really?  So I spent $10.00 on a souvenir cup with Hawaiian Punch.  Nice.  Those 4 things cost me $50!!!  Holy cow.  I'm glad we only have 1 kid & he's perfectly hapy with simple things! 

 I took this picture as Cael was watching Mickey take the ice.

Cael enjoyed it so much more than I thought he would!  He clapped, danced, sang & cheered all night!!  With about 30 minutes left in the show he asked for a binky & a blanky because he was "so sleepy".  He laid in my lap for a few minutes & then Noah hugged him & he got a burst of energy!  He was so funny!!  I took lots of pictures that I'll post later of the show.  We saw The Incredibles, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Captain Hook & Tinkerbell, The Lion King, Princess Tiana & Prince, Snow White, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Tangled.  We had a BLAST!!

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