The Marsh Family

The Marsh Family

Friday, March 30, 2012

This week in pictures!

I think Cael likes the reading nook!

Cael & a daycare friend helping me clean up the sticks from the yard so I can mow.  Such good helpers!

Our Asian Pear Apple tree blooming!  So pretty!

We went outside to play when it was still kind of wet.  Cael got our big ball & wanted me to kick it so he could chase it.  His face got in the way!

Cael & I started mowing before Daddy got home from baseball practice.  It was a freaking JUNGLE!  We had to mow!!  Cael really enjoyed mowing.  We even raced Daddy!  It was Cael vs. the lawn mower and Cael won!!

Cael LOVES the movie Cars & Cars 2 and all characters in the movies.  We were looking for another orange Gremlin but instead we found a Mack.  He was so excited to find Mack!  The back even opens & we can put Lightning inside!!

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